Precious Metals IRA

Many times clients who understand the value of asset allocation would like to diversify the monies they have in their IRAs with precious metals.

You now have the opportunity of placing qualified precious metal bullion coins and bars into your IRA.

An effective way to invest IRA funds in precious metals is to use a self-directed IRA custodian which is very familiar with the requirements of trading precious metals, storing them in custody, assigning values for IRS reporting purposes, and administering the paperwork and regulations.

AmeriGold has several custodians for you to consider in putting precious metals into your IRA.

Depending on what part of the country you live, you may prefer one custodian over the other based on where they have their depositories.  We have found over the years that some clients would like to be as close (distance wise) as they can to the depository where their metals will be stored.  You should contact your AmeriGold IRA specialist to discuss the differences of the various custodians we have successfully used over sixteen years to understand which one will be the best fit for you.

Precious metals IRAs must be funded initially with a rollover from an existing IRA, 401k or 457 account, TSP, annuity or other retirement plan.  You can choose to transfer all or a portion of your existing retirement account.  In order to qualify for a rollover, you must be separated from employment with the original plan's sponsor.  

The process to do the rollover is not complicated at all.  Just follow these easy steps below.

Step One:

Contact your AmeriGold IRA specialist to discuss the various options available to you.  Once you know which custodian works best for you, we will email you the forms to open your account.

Once your forms are completed they are sent to the custodian you have chosen.  The custodian will then work with your current IRA account holder to transfer your funds to the new self-directed IRA.  You do not have to contact your current IRA holder.  Everything will transfer typically within a two week period without your involvement.

You will know when your new self-directed IRA has been opened because you will be contacted with your new account number.  As soon as get your new account number you can begin using your funds to purchase precious metals.

Also, once your new account is open you can continue to fund it with either new contributions or additional rollovers as you deem appropriate.

Step Two:

Now that your account is open and funded, you will again want to talk with one of our IRA consultants at AmeriGold to help you choose the precious metals items that match your investment goals.  It is important to realize at this point which precious metals items are allowable into your new self-directed IRA account.

Once you have selected the coin or the bullion product[s] you would like for your self-directed IRA account, you then lock in those items over the phone with AmeriGold.  We will give you a trade number for this purchase.

Here is the list of precious metals coins and bullion bars approved by the IRS for inclusion in retirement accounts:


American Eagle (All sizes)
American Buffalo (Only minted in one ounce size)
Canadian Maple Leaf (All sizes)
Austrian Philharmonic (All sizes)
Australian Nugget (All sizes)
Accredited Bars (Minimum purity of .995 fine or better)


American Silver Eagle (one ounce coin)
Canadian Maple Leaf (one ounce coin)
Austrian Philharmonic (one ounce coin)
Accredited bars (Minimum purity of .999 fine, or better)


American Eagles (All sizes)
Canadian Maple Leaf (All sizes)
Australian Koala (All sizes)
Accredited bars (Minimum purity of .9995 or better)


Accredited Bars (Minimum purity of .9995 or better)

Step Three:

Now that you know what items you want and have a trade number from AmeriGold, you then need to fill out the “Investment Direction Form” to instruct the custodian what precious metals items you have purchased. 

AmeriGold will make sure you have this form ahead of time, but you can also download the form from the custodian’s website under their “Forms Library” tab.

This is just a simple one page form that instructs your custodian what you are doing.  You will use this form whenever you purchase or sell precious metals within your account.  On this form you list AmeriGold as the dealer you have used for your transaction and what you have purchased along with the price and trade number.  They in turn will email us a “Purchase Order” that reflects what you told them on your investment direction form.

AmeriGold signs this form and sends it back so the custodian knows all parties are in agreement and there is no confusion.

Once payment is received we deposit the metals directly at the custodian’s depository under your account name and number.  Your statement will reflect the transaction as soon as it is logged into their system.

AmeriGold works closely with the custodian through each stage of the process to insure your transaction goes smoothly and within a timely manner.  Once we know your metals are in your account, we will follow up with you to make sure everything is as you requested.

That’s it.  It’s not as complicated as most people think!

Why AmeriGold for IRA Accounts? 

We have been through this process with new and existing clients many times over the past sixteen years and have the experience to make this a very positive decision without any sales pressure, confusion, or high commission sales gimmicks. 

Unfortunately, there are many dealers out there that will hype and sell what is called “First Strike or First Release” American gold or silver eagle coins, especially for IRA accounts.  The U.S. Treasury has put out a consumer warning about these coins.  You can view this warning by clicking on the link below:

This is nothing more than a marketing scam to fleece unsuspecting investors into paying high commissions.  Please do not be fooled by this.  At AmeriGold we would never be involved with such low level activity.

Call AmeriGold at 1 800 574-0047 and talk with one of our reps if you have any questions about what items to include in your self-directed IRA account.

At AmeriGold, we abhor high pressure sales tactics and gimmicks of any kind.  We know in any business, but particularly in precious metals because of the high dollar volumes involved, that trust, integrity, prompt follow-through and fair pricing are everything.

We have built AmeriGold around the premise that taking care of our clients is paramount because we know that referrals are the life blood of any business.  How is it that we have been in business for over sixteen years and have never done any national advertising?  It is because we get a large number of referrals from our satisfied clients who know they won’t be embarrassed or fearful recommending AmeriGold to their friends and associates.

We don’t need to gouge our clients with high commissions to pay for fancy brochures, videos, offices, and national media campaigns that use celebrities to tout their companies.  The customer is ultimately paying for all of this when they make a purchase.

THIS IS WHY we pride ourselves in being the “SAFE AND RELIABLE PLACE” to purchase precious metals.

Investing in Precious Metals

Many Investment advisors recommend precious metals as part of a properly diversified portfolio to provide capital appreciation, liquidity, and a hedge against conventional paper assets. Because precious metals are counter-cyclical to paper assets, a diversification into gold, silver, and platinum can therefore reduce the total risk of your overall portfolio and preserve your wealth. History supports the premise that investment in precious metals is the best protection against uncertainties in the future.

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